Sunday, September 25, 2016

Things to keep in mind while choosing a shipping company for relocation

So, you have finally decided to spread your wings and explore other parts of the world. 

Before you embark on this journey, you may have loads of stuff and formalities to complete for relocation. 
One of the most critical tasks is to ship your belongings that you have collected over a period of time and cherish it with pride. 
To assure that this transition is a seamless and peaceful process, the real essence is in selecting a shipping company that would assist you in international relocation.

Few pointers that will help you in deciding a shipping company:
Shortlisting a shipping company requires timely planning as it is a very time-consuming process. 
It is always recommended that one should go-ahead with a company that is enlisted with the industry association. 
Final selection should be done not only basis price quotes that you receive. 
One also needs to check company’s credentials from people who have experienced their services.  
You should instinctively get confidence in company’s abilities and professionalism from their conduct of handling customers when you would interact with their representative assigned for home survey.

Although insuring goods is an additional cost and is at your discretion, shipping company should provide an insurance cover to protect goods against loss or damage during transit.
It is advisable to use packing services provided by the shipper as it not only makes your insurance cost cheaper but their expertise comes handy with respect to space utilization and safe packing to avoid breakage.
To economize costs, one can explore possibility of using combination modes of travel for varied items depending upon the urgency, fragility and cost of transportation. 
In fact, recommending best carrier customized as per your requirement is your shipping company’s responsibility.

Tentative schedule for delivery of your goods is provided by the moving consultant delegated to your shipment. 
Timelines can vary depending on your destination location and time of the year. 
However, delay is anticipated due to port congestion or strike, high incoming traffic of containers, lack of labor, etc

Customs clearance is the most important milestone in the entire process. 
The shipping company that you choose has technical knowledge and specialization to get custom clearance at all destinations and ensure delivery of your goods in safe and sound condition. At the time of taking delivery of your goods, please ensure that container seal is intact. 
If found broken, you should claim a damage / shortage report else, claiming insurance will be an impossible task. 

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