Sunday, October 2, 2016

Planning to Ship a vehicle to Israel

Importing a vehicle is complex, however by doing the necessary research and learning the rules and limitations involved in the process, importing may be worthwhile. 

There are two ways to import your vehicle to Israel:
• Using a vehicle importer- Saves time and you do not need to be involved in the actual procedure.
• On your own- Less expensive, you have to only pay the shipment, insurance and taxes

Country of manufacture:
The country where the vehicle is manufactured is important to the process of importing your vehicle and is necessary taxation and standardization of the vehicle in Israel is based on the standards of the European commonwealth. 

Only vehicle that fit these standards are permitted for import. 
In order to prove the European standards one must provide a Certificate of Conformity (COC). 

Vehicle models
It is important that if your vehicle model is allowed to be imported to Israel. We strongly recommend you check the list, if your vehicle appears on the list. If your vehicle model is not the list but its manufacturer is represented in Israel by a certified importer, please contact the importer to check if your vehicle model can be imported and if they are able and willing to provide maintenance services.
Special requirements for vehicles imported from the US
The speedometer must be in kilometers and not in miles.
The vehicle signals must be adjusted to the European code.

Age of vehicle
One can bring in a vehicle of any age; however, the importer must provide a letter from a certified garage in Israel guaranteeing they will provide service. 

You must have a clear title to the vehicle. If it is leased or if there is some controversy regarding ownership, the vehicle’s departure from the port of origin will be delayed until the title issue is resolved. Furthermore, the entire contents of your shipment may be held up until the matter is resolved or until the vehicle is removed from the container. 

Shipping a vehicle
Most vehicles are shipped in containers. 
They can be shipped in the same containers as household goods. 
A supporting wall is constructed around and sometimes on top of the vehicle to ensure that the vehicle is secured strongly in place. 
It is not recommended to fill the vehicle with household goods, as this complicates the clearing process. 

Marine insurance
Most marine insurance policies require that a statement of condition be signed by both the packers and the customer. 
Some insurance companies will not allow you to insure used vehicles except in case of total loss.
Shipping a car from Europe will normally cost approximately $1800 while from the US will normally cost approximately $2200. 

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