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Things to keep in mind when you are moving into a different country

Things to keep in mind when you are moving into a different country

Thought of relocation always gives butterflies in stomach to an individual where he has to start from a scratch in building a home for himself far away from his homeland. 
However, detailed research and meticulous planning can actually make this transition a wonderful experience. 
Knowing about country’s economy, language, cost of living, job opportunities, culture, climate and the rules and regulations gives one a clearer perspective in terms of what one is heading for.

Before relocating, have your checklist ready with clear deadlines as you may have less time on your hands and too many things to sort. 
Having valid passports and applying for visa much before your scheduled travel is the first step to begin your voyage. 
Procuring health insurance for self and family is a must along with completed vaccination for all including pets? 
One needs to check if you would require international driving license and process for applying the same. 
You can also hire professional services that are well versed with local laws and help you in this transition.

Most critical task at hand is deciding what house-hold items you would like to take along with you as international shipping is expensive. 
So, while one definitely needs to prioritize, sort and discard your belongings, you can probably explore using storage services for items that you wish not to let go but kept safely till you return to your country. 
Next step is finding the right shipper that is extremely important. 
Someone who has an experience in dealing with local and custom authorities in Israel is of important consideration. 
As your potential shipper is your key to get your goods through with custom clearance once you reach your destination.

You could also look at possibility of using combination modes of travel depending upon the urgency, fragility and cost of transportation. 
At times, bulky items that you would not want to dispose but can reach the destination once you settle down can be shipped through either land or sea mode.

And finally before you move, do not forget to cancel your utilities (gas, electricity, phone, and internet) in advance and clear all outstanding bills. 
Information to tax authorities, banks, relatives and friends on your relocation is important. Leaving a forwarding address and contact details are advised so that you can be contacted in case of any requirement. 

Go ahead and explore new avenues and do not get discouraged by fear of the unknown!!

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